I respect all JOBS

In 2015, as a varsity student, I experienced an unexpected mishap on my presentation day. While rushing to my presentation, one of my shoes got ripped in the middle of the road. I searched for a cobbler to fix it but to no avail. I had to walk around 1.5km with my broken shoe until I finally stumbled upon a cobbler who saved my day by fixing it just in time. Fortunately, I wasn’t late for my presentation.

As I walked out of the classroom after the presentation, I noticed a cobbler sitting beside our campus whom I had never seen before. Curiously, I asked him how long he had been sitting there and doing his job. He told me that he had been there for around two years. It dawned on me that I had never noticed him before because I had never needed his services before that day.

The incident made me realize that we never know when we might need someone or something. Often, we only focus on finding what we need when we’re in dire need of it. For instance, we might take the garbage collector for granted until they fail to collect our garbage for a few days, making our living space unbearable.

Every profession in this world has one ultimate purpose, and that is to serve others. As such, every profession is equally important and deserves respect. I have come to appreciate every profession in this world and the invaluable service they provide.

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