What is 112 🔑

If you search on the internet with abid_hasan112, you will find me there. So what is 112?

Very silly 😋. Back in 2009 when I created my first ever email address(yahoo), I used that number “112“. It was my serial number in class six. And still now I’m using abid_hasan112 all over the internet (for creating my username) Haha!

Jerry, Montu and Jhontu 🐾

In one sentence: “Half of my life”

Jerry was a stray cat. We feed her everyday in 2017. One day she gave her first birth to two kittens in our home.

After that, we accept her as our family member along with her two sons (Jhontu and Montu)

Jhontu died on 16th February, 2019. I still don’t want to remember that day.
Currently, Jerry and Montu are with us.

Jerry is 6 years old and Montu is 5 years old. And they are half of my life. ❤

Lana Del Rey 🎵

I found Lana Del Rey in 2013 with her song Born to Die.

Her songs and lyrics are heavenly and have a powerful impact on me. I’ve even memorized all of them and listen to them every day. Yes, EVERYDAY.

When I go on a tour, I love to listen to her songs all along the way as they create a vacation vibe and help me relax.

I have a dream to see her concert live one day.

I love Travelling ✈️

We all came to this world for a limited time. So I realized if I die without seeing this world then this will be a very bad way to leave from this world.

I work hard, save my money and I have a dream to explore/travel the whole world before die.

World of Gaming 🎮

I may be a bit of a loner, but I’ve made some great friends online. We bond over our shared love of gaming and spend our nights playing games like COD, Battlefield, and even Mario.

Gaming is more than just a hobby to me; it’s a source of excitement and joy in my life. Without it, my days would be dull and uneventful.