How to Import Fonts on WordPress

12 May, 2019 0 Comments Abid Hasan
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Font is the vital thing for Pixel Perfect design from any Mokeup. So you have to maintain a Font Family according to your design. So, I’m showing you how to import any external font on your WordPress site.


1. First you have to convert your existing font file to the web font version. To do this, Go to and the select Add Fonts  and upload font files from your computer. And keep the setting just like my screenshot:

2. Then, Click  Convert button. It will convert your fonts and show you the Download button.  It will be a .zip file when you download


3. Extract the .zip file and you will see the files like that:



4. Copy all the .woff, .woff2 files and paste to your /wp-content/themes/your-theme/. You can make a new directory in your theme folder(ie. assets/fonts/) and paste the fonts there.


5. Open the stylesheet.css and copy all lines of code and paste it to your WordPress/HTML styles.css


6. Make  sure you change the url according to your correct path.



7. You’re Done. You can now use this fonts as per as you set the font-family name on your styles.css